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Ordering Instructions for Co-op Members  Rating:  Rating
 Posted: Wed Mar 6th, 2013 03:14 pm
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-Why an online system?  To make it easier for everyone!
-No more emailing or calling or mailing your orders (unless there’s a problem)
-You can now maintain your own information, make your own orders, see your total orders, etc
-You can MAKE CHANGES to your order UP TO the cut off date.
-Coordinators will only monitor most ordering, assisting those with problems, and inputting those w/o internet (phones/email only customers).
-Coordinators and members will see their initial AND final invoices ONLINE!  No waiting for the coordinator to update and email copies.
-Bread Beckers adjusts the final qty shipped, for each customer!
-Coordinators AND customers will be able to see their order histories

-Customers still make payment to coordinator
-Coordinator still explains co-op procedures, and co-op's rules
-Coordinator still collects payment, receives order, pays Bread Beckers, distributes orders to members.
-Coordinators will still have to make refunds if payment is collected then items are missing/out of stock.

Each member needs to register, then place an order. 

Contact your coordinator, then go to the link provided by the coordinator: _______ (this link is only for initial registration)

-Pick your state and click FIND CO-OPS button, then on the next page pick YOUR CO-OP by name!  (You can only pick one co-op to join, and if you put yourself in the wrong co-op, the system will not let you move until the next order cycle!)  Currently, the co-op list sorts by the "ship to" city; it is being changed to sort by the co-op name in the near future.  Then click the JOIN CO-OP button

-Complete ALL the information (you can use a middle initial if you want).  DO NOT use any special characters in your name (especially no ampersands (&;) or hyphens (-), even if your last name is hyphenated).  PLEASE DO fill out both your "shipping" address and your "mailing/personal" address, even if they are the same.  That feature is for folks who use a separate mailing address (PO BOX, etc) but it is imperative we have a street address on file in case we need to ship something damaged in delivery, etc.

At the bottom of the page you will see a check box for "I Am Interested In Running My Own Co-Op. Please Contact Me!"   DO NOT NEED CHECK THAT BOX unless you are at least a 45 minute ride from an existing co-op.  Bread Beckers will not let new co-ops start up close to existing ones.

-You will receive a confirmation email with the link to the ordering site:

______________________ (NOTE the "Forgot Password? Click Here" link under the LOG IN NOW button)

and your username and password, both generated by the system.  The password is a complex one that you can change.  You will probably want to cut/paste the password from the email, then when you log in change it to something you can remember.

When you log in to the order site (the “home” page), you will see the Bread Beckers logo at the top, a small welcome message indicating “ are logged in as..” followed by the basic navigation buttons for the site: HOME|HELP|LOG OUT

Take note of the "HELP" link.  Go there, and see some basic instructions the programmer put in.

On the left side of the page are three boxes:

1) ORDER CUT OFF DATE (date): the date when you can no longer edit your order NOTE, this is not a “through” date, it is the date the order is closed for editing.

2) ORDER CYCLE (status) This is OPEN if the Bread Beckers has turned the system on for our group, or CLOSED if not

---- BIG BLUE button (“View & Edit Your Order”) to click on to get to the order list where you actually make your order
---- VIEW FINAL INVOICE link, where you see your order with shipping and taxes applied
---- ORDER HISTORY, where you look at past orders.  NOTE: when the current order is CLOSED, you will see your order here, even if it has not been delivered yet.

IF the ORDER CUT OFF DATE has not passed, and the ORDER CYCLE is open, click on the BLUE BUTTON.  The order page is a simple list of all the products available for the co—op to order (It may or may not have everything that can be seen on the Bread Beckers on line store).

Simply put the TOTAL QTY you want to order in the box on the left of each item, for all the items you want, then click the floating button to the right of the screen “Add/Edit..” to update your order.  You can click this button each time, or wait until you have entered qty’s for them all. To see how your total order looks, you can click the link under the “Add” button, or go back to the “home” page to click the link in the ORDERS box.

It is very important that all co-op members that have internet access try to register themselves AND place their own order.

IF you have questions or problems, please contact your coordinator first.  They will contact the Bread Beckers if they cannot answer your questions.

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