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Soyabella Soy Milk Maker  Rating:  Rating
 Posted: Sun May 13th, 2007 11:16 pm
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Joined: Sun May 13th, 2007
Location: Buford, Georgia USA
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Has anyone used this?  How easy is it to use and clean up?  It looks like you have to clean it in between uses.  So if you want to make a few quarts, do you have to take it apart and clean it between each quart that you make?  Any info or thoughts on this would be appreciated.  Thanks!

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 Posted: Mon Jul 7th, 2008 02:02 pm
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Joined: Tue May 13th, 2008
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I'm interested in this product, also.  Does anyone have any comments to make about it who has used it?

Thanks so much.



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 Posted: Fri Jul 17th, 2009 09:13 pm
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denise rogers

Joined: Thu Jul 19th, 2007
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Here are some tips on use of the Soyabella that may help answer your questions:

  • Just add proper amount of water and soaked soybeans and press one button; your soymilk will be ready in 15 minutes.
  • easy to clean, outboard heating element
  • cleaning brush and cleaning pad included
  • to avoid protein build-up, clean the screen immediately after use
The cleaning instructions explain how to remove the steel screen, remove the pulp and place the utility cup with the screen still inside under running water until it cools.  Then scrub gently with hot, soapy water.  This will prevent protein deposits from clogging the holes in the screen.

Although the milk screen should be cleaned right away, you could make another batch afterward.

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 Posted: Thu Jun 17th, 2010 04:02 am
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Mine is not a Soyabella, but I think they all work pretty much the same. They just wipe and rinse out, and then brush the screen and rinse it, and they come out really clean. If I am making several batches (like for making tofu), I don't even brush the screen. I just rinse it with the sink sprayer, reload and start another batch. The rice screen (for making rice milk) is a little harder to clean because the screen is finer. My machine came with a special brush for both screens that works really well.

For each batch I make (mine makes around 2 qts), I always add 1/2 tsp salt, 1/4 cup sweetening agent (your choice), and a drop of vanilla extract (real, not imitation)., unless I am making tofu with it. It makes a very smooth and satisfying drink.

If you have a Soy Milk Machine, then you are set for making your own fresh tofu (incredibly delicious). All you need is a tofu press and some Nigari (both available on!). Nigari is simply natural Calcium Chloride from the sea, and it causes the whey in the soy milk to coagulate.

To make 2 pounds of tofu (which is the size of the SoyaJoy press), make 4 batches of soy milk, or near 2 gals. (this is most of the work). Once you get the batches made, transfer them all to a 12 qt pot and heart on medium heat until just starting to boil. Once the boiling starts, add 2 tbsp of Nigari, slowly while stirirng. Stop when you've added 3/4 of the Nigari, and allow to simmer for 2-3 minutes. The soy milk will seperate into whey curds, and a clearish liquid. If there is any milky liquid left, add the rest of the Nigari and simmer until all the whey has coagulated. If you want very firm tofu, add a bit more Nigari. For 'silky' tofu, add a little less.

Now, place the tofu mold in a clean sink, line the tofu mold (any container with small holes for drainage can be used) with cheese cloth, pour the curds and liquid slowly into the press. allowing the liquid to drain out the bottom. All you have in the press now is soy whey. You can transfer the press onto a tray on the counter now. Place the lid on the press and place a weight (up to 5 pounds) on the lid. I use a jar filled with water. Allow it to set for 20-30 minutes.

Now, prepare a container large enough to hold the tofu square, and cover it with water. Remove the tofu from the press, unwrap the cheese cloth, and transfer the square to the container. Cover with cold water and refrigerate. The tofu will keep for a good bit as long as you change the water every day.

If anyone is interested, I have lots of great tofu recipes.

Bon apetit.


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